Forty Years On

The Memorial Hall

These web pages contain MP3 files made (with one exception) from black vinyl LPs bought when they were made available of performances associated with Scotch College, Melbourne, from 1957 to 1963, when I matriculated. (I bought the 1964 disks out of nostagia for the old school and my friends still there.) The exception is the five-minute piece of John Spence singing the excerpt from Mendelssohn's "Elijah," accompanied by the late Norman Kaye on the Memorial Hall organ in 1958, which John supplied (the recording, not the organ, that is; thanks too to Ian Renard). In the 1957 concert, the late Ken Brown accompanied the Scotch Junior School recorder consort in the Air by Salkend. The tracks have been unclicked using ClickRepair.

The directory "Details & Music" contains images of the record covers (except the 1960 records, which had no covers), including photos. In addition, it contains images of the Programme for the 1962 Festival of Songs for St Hilda's, which includes the names of all choristers singing from the four participating schools. Using the browser, you will be able to click to these images.

The music is scanned images of recorder music supplied by Peter Chapman in the Junior School (Handel, Mascagni, Salkend), the music of Elgar's "The Challenge of Thor" (1962) and an autographed front page of John McCaughey's "Ricercare," which he performs on the 1963 disks. Using the browser, you will be able to click to these images.

A bonus is a three-page memo which outlines all details of George Logie Smith's first music camp at Scotch in May 1959. (It was mine also). The memo includes the names of all campers. Using the browser, you will be able to click to these images.

Make sure your browser is configured to play MP3 files (and you have a sound card, of course).

I have added links near the bottom of each page to enable downloading of the 23 mp3 files.


Robert Marks