Strategic Game Theory -- Project Topics 2007, Term 1

March 22:
Ronit Roy
Yair Rivlin
The Israeli and Canadian cellular markets
Gerald Lundgren
Gal Tunik
Game theory at the movies
Jeremy FalendyszNASDAQ pursues the London Stock Exchange
March 26:
Chio de Villa
Berta Abad
Alfonso Rovira Díaz
Pearl Harbour
Erika WenzkeThe Sum of All Fears, the movie
David Kaul
Jeremy Mittler
Return to Paradise, the movie
Sara BertagnoliFrocks on first: rivalry in the U.S. apparel industry
Andi ParsaulianApple and the Music Industry: DRM v. Open Standard
Paul Mazlin
Nancy McKenzie
Kaori Yamamoto
Nippon v. the world, 1941-45
Shihantha SangarapillaiColes v Woolworths over discounted petrol
Sean ZuoGames on the Korean Peninsula

Max time:1-person teams, 4 minutes; 2-person teams, 6 minutes; 3-person teams, 8 minutes.
Ask beforehand if you want informal feedback on how you presented.

For guidelines on evaluation of the project, Look here.
For Notes on Writing and the maximum length of the project, Look here.

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