Strategic Game Theory -- Project Topics 2006, Term 1

March 23:
Anand D'SouzaWinners and losers in the DVD world
Antonin FauryThe 3G French "beauty contest"
Jose MatosantosEvo Morales (Bolivia) v. Geo. Bush (USA)
Lori ScottThe "screener" wars (movie previews to judges)
Rodrigo TrellesArgentina and the foreign bondholders
March 27:
Rod Chisholm
Mikael Lindgren
Telstra, the Government, and the investment game
Mark Williams
Wes Wong
Battle for the AFL TV rights 2007-2011
Danny French
Kate Melocik
Ben Hutt
Playing Diplomacy and its appeal
Emily HartPutin v. the oligarchs: the Yukos case
Sean CoristineCanadian beer wars -- drunk on market share, eh
Dylan Wright
Xavier Loredo
Anand Ravindran
The movie The Princess Bride
Nick PruhsIran v. the others: nuclear technology
Melanie de MatosNueves Reinas: the movie

Presentations on March 23, 27:
Max time:1-person teams, 4 minutes; 2-person teams, 6 minutes; 3-person teams, 8 minutes.
Ask beforehand if you want informal feedback on how you presented.

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