Strategic Game Theory -- Project Topics 2006, Term 3

Amy Schofield
Michael Towke
Steffen Bruns
The North Korean Nuclear Game
Alex Janoschka
Geetha Krishnakumar
Tehran's nuclear game
Yung-Ju ChenTaiwan Straits Rivalry
Nicolas HristicBrowser Wars again
Nicole Botsman
Andrea Farrell
Why is eBay sleeping with the enemy?
Srishti ChandAn Intercommunal Marriage in Jammu & Kashmir
Germán LasoThe Cuban Missile Crisis
Vincent Chung
Lucia Lee
Applications of Sun Tzu's Art of War
Blake HardinThe Untouchables, the movie
Fiona Helen TangiCleopatra's conquests
Paul KellyOutsmarting Wal∗Mart in the UK?
Olivier SafirThe Suez Crisis
Lorin KniveMiddle Eastern Games
Shelby AbrahamMittal Steel targets Arcelor
Suzanne WestonThe Cross City Tunnel

Max time:1-person teams, 4 minutes; 2-person teams, 6 minutes; 3-person teams, 8 minutes.
Ask beforehand if you want informal feedback on how you presented.

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