Strategic Game Theory -- Project Topics 2002, Term 3

Daniel MullerAvoiding in-flight collisions
Tarek El-RakshyGranada takes Forte
Ronan Gilhawley
Simon Pither
Matt BruceDemocrat in exile
Holly HongTelecom industry liberalisations
Andrew SkeltonThe USA v. Saddam Hussein
Michael Trifunovic
Raji Kazzi
Ole HoueHostages at the 1972 Munich Olympics
Jeremy Martin
Kern Wyman
Jason CrockettFirst World War trench interactions
Pasha D'SilvaThe movie, House of Games
J. Carter
Charles Kim
Santiago Ferrero
Steven Sommer Intel v. AMD
Yong LiChinese TV price wars
FRIDAY, 20th
Steven KohThe Battle of Waterloo
Paul Fahey
Jack QianChina joins the WTO
Dennis Yang
Bo Zhou
Gina RoseBlack September and the 1972 Olympics
Olivier Salamin
Andrew FieldVideo game console wars continue
Andy Schulz
Ares LuiCathay Pacific and its pilots' salaries
Johnny ZhouAcross the Taiwan Strait
Pierre RichardThe CAP and growing the EU
Scott JacksonVenture Capitalists and contracts: the principal-agent issue
Peter SmithThe U.N. Law of the Sea negotiations and agreement
Rimmi ScottVirgin Blue's strategic plays.

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