Course Outline -- AGSM 306 Strategic Game Theory for Managers

AGSM 306 || Winter Term, 1998 || R. E. Marks

Lectures: Tues/Fri 10 || Ext. 271
Hugh Dixson Room || bobm@agsm

Reading/Reference List & Course Outline

Game theory provides a simple, but rich framework for analysing once-off and repeated interplay between people or firms, where the manner in which each reacts depends upon the other's reaction: strategic interaction. These interactions occur in markets, in organisations, and in the household. This subject--through lectures, experiential learning, and computer simulations--will attempt to provide students with understanding of many interactions they may encounter as managers, including price wars, wars of attrition, the value of cooperation interactions, and the value of information.

Outline of subject:

Lecture Topic

1. 1. Strategic Decision Making
2. Strategic Interactions.
3. More Strategic Interactions.
4. Yet More Strategic Interactions.
5. Game Trees. Oligopolies.
6. 2. Decision Analysis: Games Against Nature
7. Sensitivity Analysis.
8. Utility
9. 3. Strategic Moves
10. 4. Credible Commitments
11. 5. Repetition and Reputation
12. Information and credible commitments
12. 6. Unpredictability
13. 7. Bargaining
14. 8. Using Information Strategically
15. Signalling.
16. 9. Bidding in Competition
17. 10. Contracting, or the Rules of the Game
18. Employing, Financing, Franchising.
19. 11. Choosing the Right Game: Co-opetition

Recommended texts:

As well, the following books will be found useful:

Additional readings will be found below. Recommended readings are marked with an asterisk (#). A Package of course notes is available. Readings in the Package are marked with a P

1. Strategic Decision Making

2. Decision Analysis -- Games Against Nature

3. Strategic Moves

4. Credible Commitment

5. Repetition and Reputation

6. Unpredictability

7. Bargaining

8. Using Information Strategically

9. Bidding in Competition

10. Contracting, or the Rules of the Game

11. Choosing the Right Game: Co-opetition

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