Strategic Game Theory -- Project Topics 2003, Term 1

Lan QuanOil distribution rivalry in China
Kate ChaneySurvivor, the "reality" TV show
Philip ShieldsChad and the World Bank -- appropriate inventives and contracts
Paul StokesThe British SAS's Bravo Two Zero in 1991 Iraq
Kay Buckley
& Clayton Jones
A Few Good Men, the movie
Mark DentonThe Panadol extortion
DING YiThe RJR Nabisco battle
Guy MiddletonCoup in the Cannibal Islands, 2000 Fiji
Ken NgRunning Out of Time, the movie
Anton StanishMixing green & gold & black & gold & green: SANZAR Rugby Union
Ravi SubramaniamRivalry among the Indian telecoms
Brett ThomasNorth Korea against the rest
Janice TsaoSurvivor: Thailand: outwit, outplay, outlast
Michael Xiao WangHainan Airlines changes the game
YANG MingWal-Mart and Carrefour in China
Jeffrey YeungStrategic plays around Iraq
Luis JofreHostage-taking at the Japanese Embassy, Lima
Payal Desai,
Fabienne Gmeiner,
& Chitra Saligram
GM and Ford jostle for profits and value
D'arcy FinleyHotel rivalry in Mid-town Manhattan
Chris HardingTurf Games: "Claiming Races"

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