Allan McHarg

BA, Dip Ed (UNE), MA (ANU)

Allan McHarg undertook his post-graduate work at the Australian National University and has lectured in economics at the University of New England, Macquarie University and Carleton University, Canada. He has undertaken research at Sussex University, and has also been an economist with the O.E.C.D in Paris where he worked on issues concerning international competitiveness in manufactured products. His most recent period of study leave was spent as a visiting scholar at the Centre for Advanced Studies, National University of Singapore.

Allan has had widespread experience in teaching microeconomics to business students both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Currently his research work is concerned with relating the comparative cost doctrine to decision making by the firm, work which involves a consideration of resource allocation questions within the firm and the demarcation of the boundaries of the firm.

Last Updated 18 April 2000
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