Robert Marks' major papers

Seventeen of my papers I judge the majors:

  1. Marks R.E. (2013), Learning lessons? The Global Financial Crisis in retrospect, The Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales, 146 (447 & 448), June, (pp. 3-16 and A1-A43), Here (pp. 3-16), Here (pp. A1-A43), and Here.
    This paper was nominated for the Royal Society's Archibald Ollé Prize for best published paper.

  2. Marks, R.E. (2013), Validation and model selection: three measures compared, Complexity Economics, 2: 41-61, May. Here.

  3. Lawrance, A.B., and Marks R.E. (2008), Firm size distribution in an industry with constrained resources, Applied Economics, 40(12): 1595-1607, June. Here.

  4. Marks, R.E. (2007), Validating simulation models: a general framework and four applied examples, Computational Economics, 30(3): 265-290, October. Here.

  5. Midgley D.F., Marks R.E., and Kunchamwar D. (2007), The building and assurance of agent-based models: an example and challenge to the field, Journal of Business Research, Special Issue: Complexities in Markets, 60(8): 884-893, August. Here.

  6. Marks R.E. (2006), Market design using agent-based models, Chapter 27, in the Handbook of Computational Economics, Volume 2: Agent-Based Modeling, edited by Leigh Tesfatsion and Kenneth L. Judd, in the series Handbooks in Economics, (general editors K. Arrow and M. D. Intriligator), (Amsterdam: Elsevier Science), pp. 1339-1380. Here

  7. Marks R.E. (2002) Playing games with Genetic Algorithms, in S.-H. Chen (editor), Evolutionary Computation in Economics and Finance, (New York: Springer-Verlag). Here.

  8. Barnett W.A., Chiarella C., Keen S., Marks R.E., and Schnabl H. (editors) (2000) Commerce, Complexity and Evolution: Topics in Economics, Finance, Marketing and Management: Proceedings of the Twelfth International Symposium in Economic Theory and Econometrics, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press).

  9. Marks, R.E. (1998), Evolved perception and behaviour in oligopolies, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. 22(8-9): 1209-1233. Here.

  10. Midgley, D.F., Marks, R.E., and Cooper, L.G. (1997) Breeding competitive strategies, Management Science, 43(3): 257-275. [The lead article.] Here.
    The lead article.

  11. Marks, R.E. and Swan, P.L. (1993) Exhaustibility and the reserves/production ratio, Economics Letters, 42(1): 117-119. Here.

  12. Marks, R.E. (1992) Repeated games and finite automata, in Recent Developments in Game Theory, ed. by J. Creedy, J. Eichberger, and J. Borland (London: Edward Elgar), pp.43-64. Here.

  13. Marks, R.E. (1992) Breeding hybrid strategies: optimal behaviour for oligopolists, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 2: 17-38. Here.

  14. Marks, R.E., P.L. Swan, P. McLennan, R. Schodde, P.B. Dixon, and D.T. Johnson, (1991) The cost of Australian carbon dioxide abatement, The Energy Journal, 12(2), 135-152, (April), plus a Corrigendum, The Energy Journal, 12(4), 149-150. Here.

  15. Marks, R.E. (1990) A freer market for heroin in Australia: alternatives to subsidizing organized crime, Journal of Drug Issues, 20(1): 131-176, (Winter). Here.

  16. Marks, R.E. (1986) Energy issues and policies in Australia, Annual Review of Energy and the Environment, 11: 47-75. Here.

  17. Marks, R.E. (1974) The heroin problem: policy alternatives in dealing with heroin use, Journal of Drug Issues, 4(1): 69-91, (Winter). Here.