The Deakins, circa 1920

[Photo of Deakin family, 900 kbytes]

Four generations of Deakins, circa 1920

Standing (L-R): John Bertram Pownall Hartley Deakin, William Robert Deakin
Seated (L-R): Mary Jane Deakin (née Hartley), Samuel Pownall Deakin, Sarah Ann Deakin (née Sidebottom), Florence Kate Deakin (née Tandy)
Sprawled (L-R): William Robert Deakin, Bessie Deakin

Samuel Pownall Deakin (1839-1929) married Sarah Ann Sidebottom (1837-1922) (both pictured) on 1.ix.1861. They had eight children: William Robert (1862-1943) (pictured), George Edwin (1864-1940), Martha Elizabeth (1866-1939), Samuel Pownall (1869-1899), Emma (1871-1966), Sarah E (1874-?), Minnie (1876-1956), and Harriet (1879-?).

Their eldest, William Robert Deakin (pictured), married Betsy Hodson (1861-1892) on 1.ix.1885; they had five children: Samuel Wesley (1886-c.1958), John Bertram Pownall Hartley (1887-1977) (pictured), William George Thomas (1889-1954), Mary Elizabeth (1890-1893), and Bessie (1892-1973). Betsy died in childbirth in 1892. William Robert Deakin then married Mary Jane Hartley (c.1860-1935) (both pictured) on 26.xii.1897; they had three children: Robert Hartley (1895-1917), George (1896-1943), and James Stanley (1898-1974).

John Bertram married Florence Kate Tandy (1890-1975) (both pictured) on 4.iii.1914; they had five children: William Robert (1914-2005) (pictured), Bessie (1917-1991) (pictured), Florence May Zillah (1919-1990), Joan Sarah (1921-2003), and Roger (1933-).

Thanks to Roslyn Deakin, wife of Peter George Arthur Deakin, son of William Robert Deakin (pictured) and Olive Green, for most of this detailed information.

So Joan Sarah Deakin Marks (1921-2003) was Samuel Deakin's great-granddaughter: Samuel and Sarah begat William who with Betsy begat John Bertram who with Florence begat Joan who with Leslie Magnus Marks (1918-1981) begat Robert Ernest (1946-) who with Hazel Church (1948-1998) begat Joshua Leslie Church Marks (1989-) and Zoë Rebecca Church Marks (1990-).

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