10 May 1948 - 14 September 1998

Dancing, Menlo Park, August 1993

The following stills and video clips were all taken at the house we had rented from Tomas and Maria Bun in Sharon Heights, a region of Menlo Park, California, while I was on sabbatical at the Stanford Business School. Our friends, Steve Cohen and Nancy Clark, organised a live band for the farewell party, and we were paid a visit by the Menlo Park Police, but it was before five on a Sunday, so the party rolled on.

Hazel & Rob
Rob & Hazel confer

Hazel & Josh
Hazel & Josh dance

Hazel, Zoë, & Rob
Hazel alone, Zoë & Rob

Hazel & Josh
Josh & Hazel

Hazel & Josh
Josh & Hazel

Video clips of Hazel, Josh, Zoë, and Rob and their friends dancing to a live band at their last bash in Menlo Park, August 1993. (Video thanks to Tomas Bun.)

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