10 May 1948 - 14 September 1998

Himself at One Month, May, 1989

The following was an email sent when he was one month old, and growing. His birth.

From bobm Fri May 12 15:03:54 1989
To: jqj@hogg.cc.uoregon.edu@munnari.cs.mu.oz
Subject: Thanks for the apron!

Dear JQ, Jennifer, and little ones,

He turned one month on Wednesday night, and on Thursday he weighed 10 lb 10 oz, an increase of 2 lb 2 oz since birth. He continues to show a great interest in breasts (his mother's), being changed, and sleeping, although this morning (I was looking after him so that H could have her first post-natal swim to help her back, which is showing signs of fatigue, what with all the lifting and so on) he did spend 20 minutes playing with a mobile over his changing table. We're both a little bleary, although he's sleeping well at night: four to eight hours (although only once for eight hours). Still, we've even started talking about another, so it can't be all bad. (Hazel turned 41 on Wednesday.)

Hope all's well with you.


In the meantime, please feel free to email me, Robert.

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