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Email in September, 1993

I'm still looking for our Christmas message to friends on the Internet. In the meantime, here is a message I sent to a friend in Spring, 1993, after our return.

To: John Spence
From: bobm@agsm.edu.au on Tue, Sep 21, 1993 5:39 PM
Subject: Re: Thanks for Love Potion #9,

Dear John,

The farewell party in California went well, but it wasn't until the band was packing up that son thought to ask them whether they could play LP#9 -- they could have, but it was too late. They were tickled that he knew it, though.

Andrew was safely deposited at Berkeley and his digs (although I'm not sure that most people there would know what I meant by that). As we sat there having a meal with other parents and in-locos, we looked around and saw that many were our age. Then it hit us: we should be looking for ones as old as we'll be when son and Zoë are Andrew's age -- not many to be seen. An exciting time for him. Hope you liked the photos.

Packing up was boring, but then (1) three hours before I was due to return the old BMW, I was sideswiped while waiting to turn right by a truck turning right from the center; (2) I got back to find that my promotion had not been supported by the University, mainly, I believe, because of lack of enthusiasm from my dean, who isn't speaking to the economist chair on the faculty; and (3) we found that Hazel's PB100 had been squashed in transit (always carry on your PB), which cost AUD$701 for a new screen.

Apart from that, reentry was fine. Balmain's nice, and Hazel's enjoying being back at work. I brought a Centris 660AV back with me which is not yet networked. Son has asked when you'll be visiting.


In the meantime, please feel free to email me, Robert.

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