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Email in April, 1990

As far as I can remember, we didn't start sending out Christmas emails until 1991. The following is a message I sent to an old friend just after son's first birthday,

From bobm Sun Apr 29 17:50:55 1990
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 90 17:50:45 EST
From: bobm (Robert Marks)
To: SPENCE%ASUCPS.BITNET@munnari.cs.mu.oz
Subject: My life.

Your latest missive arrived on Anzac Day, which this year was the 75th anniversary, with much discussion. I thought that Manning Clark made a good point when asked why we celebrate a defeat! He said that the diggers took defeat for granted, as their birthright, and so the aim was to go down with glory, or at least dignity -- which is what the Anzacs did. I guess the emotion surrounding the America's Cup win in '83 was partly because we WON, and beat the Yanks to Boot.(What's the German for pun?) Still, not much optimism at the moment, despite Paul Davies' move to Adelaide -- just says something about Maggie's policies. Should be exciting being in Germany as the Heimat coalesces, or is it Volksland, oder Vaterland? Let me know your email addresses as soon as you have them. Are you in touch with Ryan electronically? I haven't spoken to chris/barb since before their chmas trip to europe, so no new news from them -- although I saw Mike and Wendy 6 weeks ago when passing through from Perth to Sydney: in fact, I'd earlier been down to Hobart with a couple of Mike's colleagues unsuccessfully trying to get a State govt contract to do an env imp stat on a new paper mill.

Son and Hazel are well. He's now 54.5 weeks old, and had a big birthday party on Easter Sat, to which Penny came. She was thrilled because Philip Adams (on whose radio show I appeared in Nov) had given her a glowing crit for Water Trolley, which we saw and tapped and enjoyed too. Son is now walking and bubbling with talk, which no-one else understands. He's a very handsome baby, and good natured too, but best of all he sleeps through the night. Hazel's back at work -- with the Aust Govt Solictor, from 8:30 to 3:30 five days, while J is looked after by a Kiwi nanny. She's enjoying not playing cops and robbers any more. New Zealanders have been known as kay-one-doubleyuo-ones since Star Wars. The National Party (or Nats) used to be the Country Party; why didn't they ever abbreviate their old name?

My life continues, with more time for son. Did a joint piece on the economics of the greenhouse effect for CRA in September, which I presented at a conference in Tokyo in October, and foolishly turned down for presentation at a conference at MIT in march. Still, I've presented it across Oz (Perth twice, Brisbane, Canberra to come) and a paper will appear in the Energy Journal out of Tucson. Decided not yet to apply for Aspro.

So no UCSB. This is final, I guess. What of Cornell? I got your message a few weeks back after your lightening trip to Oz, but hadn't got around to replying. Good to hear that Andrew's graduated from Pascal to C (Think C 4.01?) Son isn't playing Beethoven in a p.c., or on one either for that matter What is a Deltagraph? As of July, I have 12 months sabbatical due plus 6+months long-service leave, but not at all sure where to spend it -- Stanford, Michigan, Europe? Depends on where the best econ researchers are using Genetic Algorithms. I'm hoping to have a paper accepted for a conference in Barcelona in August, in which case I'll travel via the States. Hope Sue and Andrew well. Jenny and Ralph Doubell also here for son's party, and saw Nancy and Harold in January, Harold at Tullamarine more recently.


In the meantime, please feel free to email me, Robert.

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