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Email in September, 1989

The following was a message sent to a friend in spring of 1989:

From bobm Mon Sep 11 10:52:19 1989
Subject: Hello!

It doesn't seem like three months since my last trip to the US of A, but there it is. A month ago we drove down to Melbourne to introduce him to his cousins. Meanwhile, Harold and Nancy W. used our house for a weekend visit to Sydney. In Melbourne saw Chris and Barb (& Susan and Tamas sp?), and Bruce & Louise, and Mike & Wendy -- although only a few minutes with Mike becuase as well as his new job as a consultant ($6-digits) he's a footy writer and editorialist on the new Sunday Age, the first edition of which appeared while we were there, together with the Sunday Sun and the Sunday Herald. He was in Canberra for a week's conference for most of the time we were there -- because of the pilots' strike he had to drive. (We drove because of the booty -- toys, cots, etc.) Saw H and N on our way back through Canberra, and then N was down here for a conf this last weekend, and satyed with us. It was the weekend he would learn to roll over, although not yet back. N looked at the photos I took last Jan. (BTW, did I send you copies?) Have we sent you copies of his photos yet? (I find that two things -- memory and eyesight -- presage maturity. When he's as old as I am now, I'll be 86, if I live that long! What of UCSB? Meanwhile, my 80M HD has failed, and I'm waiting on a new one, but without any backup facility, it's going to take me hours to rebuild from floppies! Any suggestions? I've started downloading from local archives of Mac software. Great fun.

Well, must fly, Keep in touch, and listen to John Elliott Gardiner's version of the Bach motteten,


PS Hello to Sue and Andrew.

In the meantime, please feel free to email me, Robert.

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