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Email in February, 1989

The following was a message sent to David Cooper in the summer of 1989, just after our return from a trip to New York and England and California. Hazel was six months pregnant with Josh.

From bobm Fri Feb 10 10:06:24 1989
To: pyramid!lamc!well!dayac@munnari.cs.mu.oz
Subject: Re: Your message, panckes

Thanks for the recipe, and your thoughts about friendship, which I'll pass on to Hazel. Hazel, although expressing dislike at such things as computers and answering machines and ATMs, soon picks them up -- she travelled overseas armed only with her trusty VISA card, and got all her money from cash withdrawals; she's the first to look at the answering machine to see whether there are any calls; she was the one who figured out how to program the CD player (yes, we've succumbed) to play only certain tracks repeated; and she taught herself Word on a Mac Plus sitting in the back room, using software from work. BTW, the School has agree to buy me a Mac SEx aka Mac SE/30, so now I'm awaiting Austn availablility and prices.

Hi to Linda, and tell her that baby clothes prices here are between 4 and 8 times O'Toole's!

Feedback [sic {sic}] on the recipe when I've tried it.


In the meantime, please feel free to email me, Robert.

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